Development of Innovative AcadeMy ON the basis of DT teaching

The main scope of the DiamonDT Project is the creation of European standard for novel education path which consists of the design thinking, problem and work based learning where learning is realizing “by doing” and student solve problems coming from business. Project aims at sharing knowledge and experience coming from all partners in the area of education well as from cooperation with business, doing project on the national and international level. In order to do the process on the best level we also planned the organization of master classes for tutors. These meeting will be carried out after the process.

Our Team
Creation of workspaces for design thinking process conduction

The first step to prepare for project realisation will be a development and improvement of Design Thinking laboratories in all project partner’s home universities. Such workspaces are an important step to introduce an innovative and effective methodology of design thinking into educational system and university projects.

Gaining experience in teaching Design Thinking

Before the project activities take place, many steps have been taken to prepare for project realisation. For the last years, on Lodz University of Technology, UTP and University of Tromsø, there have been conducted many workshops and seminars in the field of Design Thinking. Mostly those workshops were prepared for students, but they also have an open character and are free to everybody – sometimes also academic staff took part in these activities. Moreover, design thinking methodology and its tools are proposed during Problem Based Learning projects in the International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) at TUL.

Methodological preparation for tutors in the field of DT

Tutors who will be conducting an educational process of Design Thinking in partner universities will have to prepare themselves to gain the most experience in teaching DT. Those preparations will include learning from books and journals about design thinking and team based projects. Moreover, tutors will participate in DT-oriented workshops, JAMs and other similar activities.

Universities included in the consortium had numerous discussions at level of school authorities and teachers as well. They expressed their interest and confirmed the need to introduce and develop innovative teaching methods by applying Design Thinking methodology. As it was agreed together DT seems to be an appropriate form of students education and it may result in improving the quality of graduates skills and competence.
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Lodz University of Technology



University of Tromso


University of Vigo



UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz


Design Thinking

Design thinking is a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result.

Design thinking identifies and investigates with both known and ambiguous aspects of the current situation in order to discover hidden parameters and open alternative paths which may lead to the goal.

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Trained during Master Class in Tromso
Trainded during local courses
Students trained during DiamonDT
People who benefit from DiamonDT

It’s not "us versus them" or even "us on behalf of them". For a design thinker it has to be "us with them".

Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO

We spend a lot time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.

Dr. Prabhjot Singh, Director of Systems Design at the Earth Institute

The main tenet of design thinking is empathy for the people you’re trying to design for. Leadership is exactly the same thing – building empathy for the people that you’re entrusted to help.

David Kelley, Founder of IDEO

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Training materials for future teachers in Design Thinking methodology

Training materials for teachers will be the result of knowledge and acquaintance gained by DT tutors through the professional training courses (Masterclass for DT Tutors ) in one of the best education and training center in the field of Design Thinking, in UiT (Norway)

Multilingual course materials and DT handouts for summer schools and workshops

Multilingual course materials and DT handouts for the needs of summer schools and workshops such as National Good Practice Academy and International Good DT Practice Exchange are a separate group of teaching and promotional tools that are worked out by consortium partners. The materials will be applicable in international environments and interdisciplinary project groups taking part in summer schools and workshops. They will be developed in English, Polish, Spanish and Norwegian.

DT course programme for first-cycle studies

DT course programme for first-cycle studies, including the Design Thinking (DT), will be the result of the verification of current educational tracks existing in the consortium partners universities. After the analysis, there will be few pilot faculties and teaching programs proposed by all consortium universities for which DT will be developed.

Templates for the documents for international cooperation documentation

Educational and learning processes in the project assume methodologically innovative solutions, based on team projects in groups focused on solving real problems. All planned work will be performed taking into account both national and international and interdisciplinar groups of students, with different scientific affiliations and interests.

Design Thinking course sheet for first-cycle

To ensure the consistent education for first-cycle programme including the Design Thinking the unified content of DT course sheet will be developed across all consortium partners. The content development will be supported by previously trained DT tutors knowledge and experience.

Good practice in teaching and learning using Design Thinking methodology  – a handbook

The effect of implementation of the project will be a handbook on good practices in the field of design thinking (the handbook of good DT practices). It will be a summary of summer courses – National Good Practice Academies and International Good Practice Exchange, Masterclass for DT Tutors in Tromsø and midterm Tutors’ Meeting at the University of Vigo.

DT course materials

Well-considered teaching process, that is expected to give the best educational results, requires using appropriate tools and adequate course materials preparation at every stage of education. It must include course syllabus, exercise books, working sheets that are specific to the first-cycle programme based on the Design Thinking methodology.

Set of methodically developed solutions for external recipients

The key element of the Design Thinking methodology is a formation of the solutions targeted to the needs of the specified end-users. This output requires preparation and conduction of National Good Practice Academies and International Good Practice Exchange.

Results of DiamonDT project

Village WORLD

The aim of the exercise is to realize that everyone has her/his own vision of our world. Some people are more aware of social, cultural and economic diversity among societies. People may sometimes have wrong assumptions. If they do not experience something in their lives, they may believe that it does not exist or they do not see the problem of other people.

Let’s check what is your perspective!

International Good Practice Academy

University of Vigo (Spain)

16.06.2017 –  23.06.2017

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The second one should remind a TED talk in which you should prove the advantages of Design Thinking for the students. The length of that film should not exceed 5 minutes.

You can upload file on YouTube or Vimeo and send us a link to your video.